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The STAndards for BipoLar Excellence Project


  • Advance the quality of care for persons with bipolar disorder by supporting improved recognition of the condition and promoting evidence-based management



The STABLE National Coordinating Council (NCC) was comprised of national experts in bipolar disorder, psychiatry, primary care, and performance improvement.  The NCC guided and directed the STABLE Project. NCC members agreed to serve with the understanding that the STABLE Performance Measures and Resource Toolkit would be fully transparent and available without cost in the public domain.

EPI-Q, Inc.,  is a consulting company providing practice-based outcomes research, pharmacoeconomic studies, and quality improvement services.  EPI-Q managed the STABLE Project.


AstraZeneca LLP, Wilmington, Delaware, provided financial sponsorship for the STABLE Project. They did not otherwise participate in the development of either the measures or toolkit.  

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